EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE® is both a mindset and a comprehensive reference guide for zoological professionals, zoological organizations and others committed to enhancing animal welfare and advancing organizational excellence.

What will EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE® do for zoological organizations?

EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE® sets forth a philosophy and organizational framework, as well as processes and practical measures, to help foster Animal Welfare Act (AWA) compliance. It further builds upon the AWA’s minimum standards by focusing entire organizations on working together to continuously enhance animal welfare.

Adoption and implementation of EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE® will help even outstanding zoological organizations become even better.

Which organizational staff will need to be involved in EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE®?

The entire staff will be enlisted to contribute towards EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE®. Most of this effort involves a conscious mindset of proactively fostering AWA compliance and turning that focus into constructive action to enhance animal welfare.

By adopting EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE®, and by employing it and the practical tools it contains to become even better every single day, zoological organizations can boldly and further demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to enhancing animal welfare.