San Diego Zoo Global Academy e-Newsletter (Getting Better All the Time Column)

In commemoration of four years of writing the Getting Better All the Time column for the San Diego Zoo Global Academy e-Newsletter, here are the titles and links for all the columns. Subsequent columns can be found at

Four Years of Continuously Improving in Our Mission to Serve Animals, Their Interests, and Their Well-being, April, 2019, available at:

Progress Without Judgment:  Shifting from being right to doing right for animals, March, 2019, available at:

Tending to One’s Own Wellness, February, 2019, available at:

(with Sabrina Brando, director of Animal Welfare for the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums), Making All the Difference in the World Starts with One Thought or Idea, One Action, and One Animal, January, 2019, available at:

Meaningful Holiday Gifts in Service of Animals and their Well-being, December, 2018, available at:

Serving Gratefully Is the Highest Form of Giving Thanks, November, 2018, available at:

Doing Makes the Difference in Becoming the Best We Can Be in Championing Animals’ Interests, August, 2018, available at:

A Responsible Framework for Utilizing Third-party Reviews to Advance Animal Welfare and Provide Greater Transparency, May, 2018, available at:

The Changes We Seek for Animals and People Start from Within, March, 2018, available at:

Applying USDA Guidance to Improve Yourself, Strengthen Your Team and Organization, and Better Serve Animals, January, 2018, available at:

A Cost-effective and Time-effective Way to Proactively Promote AWA Compliance and Enhance Animal Welfare, December, 2017, available at:

Improving Animals’ Lives Every Day, November, 2017, available at:

More Effectively Doing Right By Animals, September, 2017, available at

Caring Professionals Dedicated to the Well-being of Animals, August, 2017, available at

Leveraging Animal Welfare Act and USDA Information Resources to Do More for Animals, July, 2017, available at

An Enlightened Caregiver’s Creed on Serving Animal Interests and Well-being, June, 2017, available at

Gratitude for Growth by Learning, May, 2017, available at

Keeping People Safe to Protect Animals, April, 2017, available at

Making Inspection Reports Work For Animals, March, 2017, available at

Changing for Good, February, 2017, available at

(with Patricia A. Milito), Training Ourselves to Better Serve Animals, January, 2017, available at

Bringing People Together to Make a Difference (for Animals and People), December, 2016, available at

Giving of Ourselves, Planning Thoughtfully, and Thanksgiving for Caregiving, November, 2016, available at

Humility, Civility, and the Public Trust, October, 2016, available at

Learning From Your Successes and Challenges, September 2016, available at

The 50th Anniversary of the U.S. Animal Welfare Act, August 2016, available at

Lift Yourself Up, July 2016, available at

Challenges, Concerns, and Criticisms Open the Door to Constructive Conversation, June 2016, available at

Doing Greater Good for the Animals in Our Care, May 2016, available at

A Year of Learning Together Lays Out the Path Forward, April 2016, available at

Sustaining Continuous Improvement through Professional Development, March 2016, available at

Comforting Animals and Their Caregivers, February 2016, available at

Learning to Facilitate Change for the Better, January 2016, available at

Opportunities Abound, December 2015, available at

Turning Challenges into Opportunities: the Principles of Constructive Engagement, November 2015, available at

Can You Hear Me Now: Effective Listening for Better Outcomes, October 2015, available at

Building Blocks: Key Leaders, Self-Examination, Entrance Briefings, and Inspection Checklists, September 2015, available at

The Magic Power of Words, August 2015, available at

Today Matters, July 2015, available at

You Can, June 2015, available at

Be There, May 2015, available at

Name It, April 2015, available at

San Diego Zoo Global Academy

San Diego Zoo Global Academy Names Excellence Beyond Compliance as a “Collaborating Partner”, Launches New Column on Continuous Improvement in Animal Welfare!

Excellence Beyond Compliance is honored to be the Academy’s newest “Collaborating Partner”. As noted on its “About” page, “San Diego Zoo Global Academy is a powerful online learning platform that harnesses the expertise of San Diego Zoo Global and its partners to offer courses that meet the specific needs of individuals in the zoological profession.” Other collaborating partners include: American Association of Zoo Keepers, Learning Partner / Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Birmingham Zoo, Partner of World Association of Zoos and Aquariums WAZA / United for Conservation®, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, Smithsonian National Zoological Park Conservation Biology Institute, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Metro Parks Tacoma, America’s Teaching Zoo Exotic Animal Training & Management / Moorpark College, Reid Park Zoo, American Alliance of Museums, Association of Zoological Horticulture, Inc., The Animal Behavior Management Alliance (ABMA), and European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).





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Revisions & Updates (April 12, 2015), EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE: Enhancing Animal Welfare Through the Constructive Use of the Animal Welfare Act