Thank you for your interest in EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE: Enhancing Animal Welfare Through the Constructive Use of the Animal Welfare Act. Below you can learn more about the book, its author, and the intentions that are at the heart of both.

The Book (click to expand)
EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE® is a positive, voluntary, empowering and inspirational guidebook to help people who care for animals.
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The Author (click to expand)
James F. Gesualdi has dedicated himself to his work on legal, regulatory, and strategic matters regarding animal welfare and wildlife conservation. He works extensively with the U.S. Animal Welfare Act and champions ways to improve its administration and enforcement, as well as engaging in consensus building on related policy issues.
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The Mission (click to expand)
EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE® is dedicated to elevating consciousness about and enhancing animal welfare by helping zoological professionals, zoological organizations and others continuously improve and work more collaboratively on behalf of animals.